Welcome to Care4Kids your non profit organization

We are the only non-profit organization that accepts only bitcoin donations.We have two bitcoin adresses where you can donate how much you want.All donations will go to childrens in need (nursing homes for kids,homeless childrens,shelters for abused children.)We thought that peoples hate giving money and altough bitcoins are some kind of money they are not of much use unless you have a large amount.So by donating what you can`t use we gather more and in the end be able to use them for helping our childrens.

You cand donate at the next adresses:

Adress 1: 13FYTa99FD6YQiUd6mkWY4z1mPPjTGem27

Adress 2: 17khgiVPuqRR8w4d1PhTJsS8higc7epdtY

We now have in our wallet : 0.00069073 BTC

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09/06/2014 17:35